going home

i'll be going back to Malaysia tomorrow! i like Indonesia, but i don't think i can live here long. i reckon Indonesians are certainly more polite and accommodating than Malaysians, plus the chicks are hot too, but the traffic and the driving is too much for me to handle. tension la stay here. every morning before we go over to VHQ, the post house, i sure wake up as bright as noon after the car ride. chill la, i didn't sleep much leh the night before. kaneh. can't i even get a few minutes of shut eye? i'll be back here for a day or 2 for the online after 2 weeks of animation anyway.

i guess Indonesia really likes me. i haven't even got back yet, and i've got another storyboard to look tru for some 3D animation supervision in Jakarta. that project is probably in June, which means i'll be spending my birthday alone in Jakarta. chibai. :( whoa, my head can't take so much information, but so much work and no rest is a whole lot better than complaining about no work at all. for now, i just wanna go home and get a good night's sleep.

i love what i do, but i need some rest. internal combustion soon. i wanna go out for dinner with my friends, and see my boys and my parents. surprisingly i miss dee.

4 play

Damn it! this shit is contagious man. i first saw it in eve's blog, and i just skimped tru it, and went, what??!! then this evening, i loaded junie's blog and i saw it there again. im like what the... anyways, i was at elle's blog (which i'm always there anyway, and she hasn't updated for the entire week, cos she ain't feeling too well), and pop it was there too! yau mou ying. i'll be damned if i see it on perry's blog. haha. anyway, elle tagged me, and so here it is. i'm gonna make sure i see it on everybody's blog. haha.

4 Jobs I've had in my life
1. interactive designer
2. brand creative head
3. lecturer
4. creative director

4 Movies I can watch over and over again
1. braveheart
2. the last samurai
3. jerry maguire
4. the patriot

4 Places I've been on Vacation
1. melbourne
2. pangkor island
3. bangkok
4. korea

4 Of my Favorite Dishes
1. hotplate tau foo
2. steamed fish with fire below
3. baby kailan with oyster sauce
4. linguini cabonara

4 Places I would like to Visit
1. amsterdam (there are only 2 reasons why)
2. japan
3. bali
4. maldives

4 Most overused Words
1. tiu
2. fuck
3. i
4. mahai

4 TV Shows I love to Watch
1. prison break
2. full house (korean drama)
3. my name is earl
4. heroes

4 Bloggers I am Tagging
1. julian oh
2. fizah rahim
3. ah lan
4. seng kai

i'd tag hushie too if i had space! so consider yourself tagged hushie!


my tarot card

i saw this test taken on Iris's blog and i thought it would be interesting to kinda fuck around with it and see what i would get. haha. i've always been fascinated by the aestheticism of the tarot concept and characters, not that i belief in it. i'm still a christian by faith. i even portray the art of it in my work on the ash's the day after tomorrow music video. elle patiently shared and enlightened me on the topic that one time. thanks elle. yau mou lan, this is my character result after that stupid test...

You are The Empress
Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

how come i always get the faggoty ones? *smack. haijoo, destiny la. just gotta accept. oh well, it could have been worse. i could have gotten the whore or something. i admitted that i was an ass-tit-face man, not an ass-tit-face full stop. well, at least they got some things quite right about me. i like making things beautiful.

and i like the part where it says beauty, charm, and success, though i dun quite feel the luxury factor. i'm assuming they meant that i have those traits. woo-hoo. if anything at all, those are worth having boobies for. for sure i'll have D cup boobies. i'll probably make dolly parton look like a beestung asian. ok ok, im getting too carried away with this tetek thingy. my point is, haha, get it? my points? haha. sorry, that's so uncalled for too. can't help but to think out loud, and i sure am loud. just having fun with this shit. wa lau, fuck, this is one fugly empress man. kaneh, look more like lao ah ee than an empress. who the fuck drew this?



i arrived at Jakarta on friday, 10.30am and had the longest day ever. but what was really cool was that when i landed at the airport, there was this dude waiting for me with a card and my name on it. he then ushered me towards this row where it says diplomatic immunity, whereas everyone else were queuing up to get their passport stamped. that was just dope man! everyone was just looking as i pass tru, like who the fuck is this dude? *singing to pussycat dolls, "don't you wish that you were just like me?" haha.

when they first gave me my per diems, just like in the U.S, i got fucking confuse again with the currency. you loose sense of value, for sure. they gave me like 20 pieces of 100,000 notes. i'm like what does that make me? a fuckin millionaire? fuck yea. so, in Indonesia, how do you label a millionaire cos everybody's probably one. cos technically, a millionaire is basically someone who has a million bucks right? it's just weird man. i still can't comprehend buying a pack of ciggies for 11 THOUSAND bucks, but that's just like 6 shitty ringgit right. lol

I finally checked in at the Grandkemang Hotel at 8pm. whoa, was i tired as fuck. the Hotel ain't too bad. i like my room. it's pretty comfy and classy, but the internet all around Jakarta suck big time. it's almost crawling man. i had to watch jpeg's load a line at a time. thought i'd never experience that after the 56K modem.

i personally think that Indonesians in general are much more polite as compared to Malaysians. went out for dinner and a couple of drinks with a friend of mine after a hot shower. whoa, the nite scene here gila happening man.Indonesian chicks are hot man! but sad la, aku tak cakap bahasa Indonesia. haha. speaking of which, the language is just weird as hell too man. i mean, it feels like we are speaking the same language and yet we are not. haha. like my friend's gf was just saying out loud to all of us, "duduk sampai pantat sakit banget(very)" or something like that. i just stood there staring with my eyes wide as fuck. i was like, yau mou lan wor? apparently, after much sought after, i realize pantat is the backside. and they laughed hysterically when i said its punggung or buntut. look who should be laughing man. *smack. whatever man, for all i care if your pantat, or your 'pantat' sakit man. either way, i don't get to touch either one right. how do i even compliment on a girl's fine ass? "pantat loe cantik banget?"

however, everyone here drives like they're on steroids in the F1. even the lao aunties here drive like gangsters on steroids. i reckon the most used parts of a car in Indonesia is the horn and the brakes. that's the pre-requisites of driving in Indonesia. when they brake, they horn. when they move, they horn. when they are happy or sad, they horn. when your horn don't work, you can't drive man. i mean what's up with the kan cheongness la. i wanna cross the street oso i panic balls. almost made me pee in my pants when they were driving me around every time. i think i need some time to get use to this jam brake thingy. i reckon Indonesia is a 'fast moving' country, as Singapore is a 'fine' country.

ok, gotta go sleep edi. got a preparation meeting before we shoot on monday. oh well, i guess there are just some things i'll never get. :P


this gay thing

mummy, no no, trust me i'm not gay. they were just saying that i am 'gay' as in being 'happy'. serious la. *blank blank. didn't i tell you guys my mum reads my fucking blog? fuck, i just said fuck! sorry mummy. *smack. im digging my grave lor.

anyways, she asked me this morning if i was really gay. yau mou ying? like what the fuck? then i sat her down and said in chinese, "mummy, put it this way, if i was stranded on an island with a fugly fat girl, a gay, and a goat. i'll probably fuck the goat. so don't worry mummy." she then stared back blankly as i got up to walk away. "the goat ah?" i replied as i turned, " no la, i was just kidding. i'll take the fugly fat girl any time la." she smiled as if at ease. got that puas face. phew. wa lau. now i know, gay cannot, goat oso cannot!

thanks to you guys la. kecoh summore la about me being gay. cheh.

oh and for those that really are that dumb to take nice polite hints, when i say learn to keep your opinions to yourself, which part of the sentence don't you understand? only my best friend (or his wife), or dee and zellie, and with a few other exceptional people can call me whatever they want, which they don't even. so what makes you think you can stomp into MY blog and write your shit about me when i said beforehand that i don't fucking need it? i can even claim that i'm the president of the united states in here. this is MY world, MY rules! you just had to do it right, you self righteous fuck.

i dun care if its your honesty or even if i'm really gay. it is still ONLY your opinion. you got your brains growing in your armpits or what? you just don't do that. i don't walk into your house and call your mother a whore even if she is, right? don't make me slap you with a large trout. go start your own fucking blog and write all you want about me. oh, take back your 2 cents worth of change. don't need it. don't take this too seriously k. i didn't. muahaha.

i actually find this quite amusing. it's true, i could have just deleted your comment and move on, but this way makes it so much more fun. don't take it too hard on yourself dude. you are not first idiot in my life who thinks they got me figured.

to canada with love

zellie, my dear girl. i miss you so much! i hope you are reading this girl. come back soon please. dee and i are fine, we learn to get along, but it feels weird without you here. i feel so incomplete. would give anything to just talk and hear your voice again. well, just in case you've forgotten how i look, and how i am at the studio. hugs.

that's me hard at work, or so it seems. that's my face by default. i'm not angry.

ah, must be calculating potential business again. the shiok sendiri kind. certainly not a girl, saham jatuh la these days. haha.

oh, btw girl, apparently the animax music video was well received at the press conference yesterday. tracy was saying that the crowd asked for an encore! haha. we'll be featuring it in IDN. we've done it again girl! hugs. the studio will be heading down to Singapore this weekend for the launching and the party, while i'll be flying to Jakarta for a shoot. boo-hoo. just my rotten luck as usual. and i'm sure dee told you about me setting the studio on fire while on a conference call with Jakarta. haha.
just wanna give you a reason to smile. something that has been going around the studio these days. i think julian oh started it. haha.


3-D L-O-S-E-R


did you know

i decided to post a 'did you know' about joey khor. like so many of you fuckers keep thinking you know me right. let's see if you got me figured.

courtesy of julian oh.

did you know

  • that i'm NOT gay!! or soft.
  • that i don't eat fish, except for the steam ones with fire burning beneath.
  • that i don't eat chocolates, except for white ones.
  • that i don't like to drink. i pretend i do in clubs just to entertain you, sohai.
  • that i'm exactly 6 feet in height.
  • that i'm 57kg. i'm underweight by 10 fucking kg. and i constanly get ppl telling me to eat more and shit like tat. either that, or "do you do drugs?". i don't do any more drugs... just that i don't do any less either. hey, sock it! i'm a healthy, skinny fuck. so what.
  • that if i put all the women i've had in my life in each year, they would have caught up with my age and still have 6 years change. but again, most of the women in my life has always caught my eye, but never my heart. it's not that i'm proud of the statistics. it just goes to show what a lousy lover i am. now, don't analyze and tell me why you think so. i dun give a fuck what you think. i'm just tired right now. im still not gay!
  • that most of the closest people in my life are all women except for my bestfriend. women's man? don't know why, don't care. all i know is that they sincerely care a lot for my well being. boy, is my future girlfriend gonna be so jealous. haha.
  • that there is only enough space for 2 women (other than my mum) i'd die for in my life, which is dee and zell. it's obvious.
  • that i'm not intellectual or smart. never claim that i was. i just see things differently in shapes, colours and form. most would call it "creative". i call it "maybe".
  • that i am light hearted, literally. haha. i'm light hearted because my heart is light. you get? my close friends would.
  • that i don't watch horror flix cos i get bad dreams and scare the fuck out of myself. don't wanna be doing that. lately, i don't even watch serious dramas. even if i do, i'm actually studying. it's kinda like how a priest is with a bible, and a student is with books. i love the soapy korean love dramas ocassionally. i'm a sucker for romance stories.
  • that i have lived my first dream, to do a music video. i think we are getting pretty good at it too. haha. my other dream is to make a film. yes, it would be a love story. haha.
  • that i listen to every damn thing, but i prefer rock at heart. it makes me happy.
  • that on my cloudy days, which i have more often that not, i listen to songs and sing out loud to make me feel better.
  • that i love shoes, the sneakers sort. especially chucks. if i were to wear a pair each day, it'll take me a month to wear them all.
  • that i'm a size 9 on chucks. hint hint, my birthday is coming up. haha.
  • that i've got this thing with matching shoes and clothes, colour and design. it's not that i'm vain, i just need to feel comfortable with what i'm wearing, and i'm just build that way.
  • that i love HUE, and i love what i do. i spend 8/10 of my waking time doing it; and i wake all the time. i just hate the politics and ass kisses that goes with it.
  • that i have the tendency to exaggerate and blow things bigger than what they are. it's not like i'm doing it conciously, or i intend to lie. and i talk loud and kan cheong, but it's just me. you'll get use to it after a while.
  • that i'd like to think i'm a pretty good designer and director.
  • that i have very few close friends (and i hold them dearly), and i don't warm up easily, but i know a lot of people that doesn't really matter. don't figure this out too. i am what i am. it keeps me safe.
  • that i don't think i'm all that. that's why i push to do better. i just seem that way.
  • that most ppl think less of me on first impressions. they usually think i'm some angry young punk who can't do shit in life. i find it amusing. firstly, i'm not angry (anymore), and i've got lots of love. haha. some of my close friends can testify to that. haha.
  • that i never had love for animals, and i never really cared if the panda went extinct. we can always paint the grizzly white, and punch it in both eyes to get the black rings. i once kicked a cat into the drain cos it irritated me. don't get me wrong, i don't hate them, i just got no love for them.
  • that i had a lapdance once in australia. woo-hoo.
  • that i'm NOT gay!! or soft.

so there you go. go fish! the point is... there's no point la. exactly what i'm saying. does it matter? no lor. so let's just try to get along and keep our opinions to ourselves. quote unquote lord of war," people should not go to war, especially with themselves." but he said it in a different context la.


the love diagram

i was blog hopping and i found this little diagram. yes, of course i stole it down and made it mine. too bad, shit happens. anyways, thats not the point. i stole it cos i think its something i wanna be posting up too.

i've been both ways before. horizontally as well as the vertical way. i reckon i like the horizontal way better, physical attraction. so much less stress. i'd rather be fucking her than she fucking my head! had that before, ain't gonna have it again. but of course if you have a linear balance of both would be much preferred and ideal. i'd certainly would love to have that opportunity. knowing joey has got shits for luck, i doubt i will. then again, everything must pass tru the zone of pain. fed up wan lor. ouch! tru all that pain, i'm surely gonna spank you and ride you like a pony, honey! yamateh yamateh! tee hee.

speaking of which, recently, Julian recently asked me if i was an ass man, or a tit man, or a face man. im like er, think think. i replied, "i am an ass-tit-face man!". doh.

er, mum, don't be reading this k. i was just kidding. of course i'm not riding anyone.



FUCK! i think my mum reads my fucking blog! out of the blue, she called me recently to ask if i'm alright and if everything was ok. "why are you so angry son?". i'm like er... like what the fuck? no la, its not me, mummy, it's dee. i guess i'll be putting on the fucking board of censorship from now on. fuck la. how ah?


done with you

i'm so done with you! just because im on a lighter side these days doesn't mean i fucking turn soft! fuck you! don't take me for a fool, you fuckhead! im not someone you take lightly and walk over! not today, not tomorrow. at least for now, i'm just bitching on my blog! you're just a waste of my time! enough of hearing about your shit. you got something to say, say it to my face! you don't really wanna piss me off k. im not as educated as the rest of them to try making sense and reason. eh fucker, when i come in, i promise you i will fucking kill you! this is not smack talk! bitch some more behind my back la, serious! i'll give you something to bitch about! leave me the fuck alone man, because you'll be praying that you did! fuck you again!

ok, puas! umm... woo zaaa...


colour me fancy

i've outdone myself again. converse was having some value buy thingy going on, so i thought i'd buy a pair of chucks for 60 bucks and design it myself. did it inpromptu cos i was too lazy to sketch it first on paper. nice eh? look at me so rajin. wah, it's been a while since i did any primitive artform. my neck cramp like fuck. got me pissed after a while cos the process was taking too long. haha. what ya think? i think it's all worth it. wah, me likey. now, the only problem is, i've got no more space to put it on the racks, and i don't mean those at HOOTERS! haha.

now, ain't that a lovely pair of shoes? haha. now, who wants to buy? i'm putting it up for auction.



i've been meaning to post this up for quite a while now, but ever since i got back, i've been so caught up with work. when i was at Santa Monica, i took a stroll down 3rd st promenade. the beach was beautiful. gave me such peace.

this beach goes all the way to malibu.

beachfront property. what a view!

well, that was not the only thing that was beautiful. after walking for half a day and just chilling at the beach side, i was hungry and decided to eat at HOOTERS! whoo, what a view as well! and it gave me such peace too. haha. i thought i have died and gone to heaven. boy, was that the longest dinner i ever had! haha. i can't even fucking remember what i ordered. yes yes, i am shallow. dun bluff you would be too lor. my name is er-er.

hoo-hoo. hooters!!
i couldn't really bring myself to smile in this picture cos one of their hand is on my ass, and the girl on the left is leaning her right breast on my back. er, very warm la. i wish we were shooting a video not a picture.
before i left, leah, the girl who served me, took the receipt from me, scribbled some stuff and winked. i'm not sure if the heart meant something or it just meant for me to pay up and fuck off. haha. but then again, i was looking around and she didn't scribble on other customer's receipt. shiok sendiri. let's just assume the heart meant something la. haha, and she scribbled me foxxy. grr-grr.


Black Horse And The Cherry Tree

i'm sure some of you have heard of KT Tunstall. i personally think she's a great musician and performer. this video proves me right. I'd like to see you try this lor. now, this is something WORTH watching! I think this performance is fucking awesome. If this isn't a great performance, then i really don't know what is. certainly a two thumbs up performance! fooyoh, restep!


damn it!

fuck, i've done it again. correction. 4 fucking pairs of shoes. i really can't help it. it was calling out to me. JOEY JOEY... who me? yes you papi! well, i just thank God i don't have a fetish for designer labels. Gucci, Prada. lead me not into temptation, for i will surely go there myself. now, i REALLY have a problem fitting all 7 pairs into a bag.



i use to pray for :
a focus
being recognized
the world to piss off
my mum to leave me alone
more girls
people to know me
just another pair of shoes
time to pass
a chance to travel

i'm praying for :
keeping focus
recognizing my own self
world peace
my mum to never leave me
that one girl
people to leave me alone
more shoes
a little more time
a chance to go home