my huge lil heart

it's really about time i announced this. this ain't fucking show and tell. why? to do everyone justice, me included. i'm not ashamed about us. if you ask, i will tell. truth is, i am happy with her. firstly, we don't owe anyone any explanation. but if you have to know, why her and not anyone else? i'm not gonna put icing on this cake and look at you starry eyed. just plain raw honesty. i don't intend to lose friends because of us, but if that is neccessary, then so be it.

sure, she ain't no angelina jolie, but really, neither am i brad pitt. and she knows that. the best part is, i don't have to try to be brad pitt when i'm with her. she doesn't ask for it. she makes me comfortable being in my own skin, allowing me to be plain ol' simple joey khor. and trust me, joey khor is much more to cope with than any brad pitt or tom cruise put together. i could do better? no lor, trust me. on the contrary, i think she could.

i'm not saying its been a fucking fairy tale like it's some lovey dovey shit. it's not like the fucking love fairy sprinkled excessive love dust. we have our disputes too; hell, i happen to make her cry within the first few days. but you see, she makes me wanna compromise. she makes me wanna be better for the both of us. it's feelings like this that shouldn't be asked or said, but i need to feel it on my own. we just kinda started out right.

maybe we'll last a lifetime, maybe we won't. but unlike most past relationships i've had, i really wanna make this work. i don't need you to congratulate. no need to be happy for me either. either way, i already am.


hand job

you probably think what's happening for the first minute. be patient and watch right tru. it gets a little blurry towards the end but wah, damn keng la this bugga! after a while i oso foncuse (foncuse = fucking confuse) edi. yau mou lan wor. yes yes, i think he himself oso a little confuse towards the end, but it's one take ok. if given me to do this, i oso chi sin leh. you try la. haha. cool eh? i kinda think it's a really cool concept though. haha. gotta hand it to him la.... get it? hahaha.


connie talbot

you think you can sing? try beating her to it la. haha. how do you beat a person who starts singing at the age of 2? i could only say 'fuck you' at the age of 2. anyways, you are just gonna stare at her, googly eyed. fucking brilliant! get the kleenex if you are gonna see it. trust me, you're gonna need it. when i say her singing will make you cry, i'm not kidding lor. come to think of it, my singing can make people cry too, but how come i get people throwing things at me as well. that's like fucking weird. aiyo, so sweet la this girl. right after she sings, you feel like giftwrapping her and take her home wan lor. i love you connie!

this is her performance for the finals.

check this one out too. here she sings a few lines without background music.


crouching tiger, hidden joey

aiya, don't bluff me la. i'm not stupid k. haha. this is carol, and this is a good photoshop touch up. almost believable. not bad. i have to hand it to her. kanasai!this is me, joey, and this is the actual picture. how dare you take my photos and claim my bravery for your own. i risked my balls for you to steal the glory. haha. i'll eat the tiger alive!! and you too!! roar!!


happy funeral too

funeral for a friend's concert in singapore last saturday. went with my cousin, and now he is an FFAF addict!! haha. these are some of the pictures i took from my lousy phone camera. sheesh. malas wanna carry camera. i think i'm getting a bit too old for rock concerts la. was a little ticked off when people start bathing me in their sweat. MCB!! push push push. wah lau...cannot breathe leh. but we soon found a comfy spot to layan. summore damn near. other than that, their performance was great. they started off with into oblivion from their new album, and went into all the rage. fooyoh. steam!! haha. you should have been there.
FFAF guitarist. he reminds me of professor snape (did i get his name right) from harry porter. haha.

poem by me

see, my poem so keng. i'm feeling all poetic and shit. not bad eh for a person who can't write for nuts. grin grin. why? saja wanna write, kenots? haha.

if only love could find us all,
then hearts would never fall,
and if only angels would crawl,
who'd knew big hearts comes small.