great day

today is a GREAT DAY! not just because im finally writing a post. he finally spoke to me by wishing me a merry Christmas! this moment in time i will always treasure. let me just appreciate this moment. bwahaha....


blog is dead

most of you probably think this blog is dead. i'm not idle, i'm just plotting!! :D

you light up my life

"dear, where you wanna hide? i can still see your legs leh."


i got your back

"tiu mou. this is not good."


quote of the day

what a beautiful quote of the day. :D

Do something brave today, and fucking run like hell!!


easier to be

Lifehouse - Easier To Be

Chasing fireflies, elusive dreams
This pre life crisis is killing me
Beautiful tragedy
Who I was wasn't me
Yeah yeah

You make it easier to be
Easier to be me
It's hard to believe
You make it easy...

We speak in silence, words can't break
It feels like we are falling awake
In a place and a time of our own
Yeah yeah

You make it easier to be
Easier to be me
Hard to believe

It felt like the world fell from my feet
Gave up on myself, you didn't give up on me
Let myself go, you were still there
Like coming home, coming up for air
Yeah yeah


memory lane

omg, i recently came across these really fucking old pictures that a friend posted up. these pictures where taken during the IRC days. we use to hang out in this channel called #happyhours. a fucking good decade ago lor. my favourite is the first picture la. sohai. haha. i almost forgotten how i use to be then. haha. it's good to be reminded where we came from eh. wah, my balls kinda big la last time. so fucking goth la. me likes! haha. i use to walk around town looking like this most of the time leh. i even use to go college looking like this, and with a skirt at times. haha. fuck yea! i'd do it again la, you know. it just looks out of place for a 30 year old to do this now, but it was fun while it lasted. blame it on marilyn manson man. haha.
this is some #happyhours gathering i think. outside this place called the JavaShoppe. i think i was about 18 then. that time i have long hair that reaches the mid of my back. haha. fucking rebellious that time. was good while it lasted. i still remember when i was learning photoshop 2 on my own. haha. some came and went. but i'm glad we had a brief moment together. i think this is when i was in college edi. at the One Academy. use to hang with chu and perry. love the woman to bits! miss those days with you babes! you watched me grow didn't you? I can't remember when and where this picture was taken though.

i think this picture quite recent. about 5 years lor. got the tattoo on the neck edi wan. haha.th-th-that's all folks! joey khor in the making. haha. fuck la. one good walk down memory lane. who would have guessed i turn out this way hor? hehe.

horse head donkey bekside

Lil and I came across this version of the BMW the other day while having dinner. it's not like i can ever afford one but this one is just too fugly i feel like giving my 2 cents comment on it. haha. BMW has always done a fucking good job positioning their brand. it's like you know you got it made and rollin on top of the world when we all see a dude in a BMW right or not? that's how fucking good it is. then some bored wiseass architect has to experiment this. why oh why la? machowder. i told Lil, you see bb, it's like a horse head fitting on a donkey bekside. i mean, take a look at it. the front is all majestic and proud, like a horse. the kind they ride in Lord of the rings. niama, then they gotta fit it onto a donkey bekside, the kind that follows shrek around. ok ok, so you probably cannot get it, and think that it's alright. don't 'ok what' me ah. lemme show you what i mean.
see, the horse head. majestic. proud. sexy. meh-heh-heh! nah, you see the donkey bekside. look like its from a civic or something. hee-haw!! overpriced donkey bekside if you asked me. thank God no one asked me. haha.


my huge lil heart

it's really about time i announced this. this ain't fucking show and tell. why? to do everyone justice, me included. i'm not ashamed about us. if you ask, i will tell. truth is, i am happy with her. firstly, we don't owe anyone any explanation. but if you have to know, why her and not anyone else? i'm not gonna put icing on this cake and look at you starry eyed. just plain raw honesty. i don't intend to lose friends because of us, but if that is neccessary, then so be it.

sure, she ain't no angelina jolie, but really, neither am i brad pitt. and she knows that. the best part is, i don't have to try to be brad pitt when i'm with her. she doesn't ask for it. she makes me comfortable being in my own skin, allowing me to be plain ol' simple joey khor. and trust me, joey khor is much more to cope with than any brad pitt or tom cruise put together. i could do better? no lor, trust me. on the contrary, i think she could.

i'm not saying its been a fucking fairy tale like it's some lovey dovey shit. it's not like the fucking love fairy sprinkled excessive love dust. we have our disputes too; hell, i happen to make her cry within the first few days. but you see, she makes me wanna compromise. she makes me wanna be better for the both of us. it's feelings like this that shouldn't be asked or said, but i need to feel it on my own. we just kinda started out right.

maybe we'll last a lifetime, maybe we won't. but unlike most past relationships i've had, i really wanna make this work. i don't need you to congratulate. no need to be happy for me either. either way, i already am.


hand job

you probably think what's happening for the first minute. be patient and watch right tru. it gets a little blurry towards the end but wah, damn keng la this bugga! after a while i oso foncuse (foncuse = fucking confuse) edi. yau mou lan wor. yes yes, i think he himself oso a little confuse towards the end, but it's one take ok. if given me to do this, i oso chi sin leh. you try la. haha. cool eh? i kinda think it's a really cool concept though. haha. gotta hand it to him la.... get it? hahaha.


connie talbot

you think you can sing? try beating her to it la. haha. how do you beat a person who starts singing at the age of 2? i could only say 'fuck you' at the age of 2. anyways, you are just gonna stare at her, googly eyed. fucking brilliant! get the kleenex if you are gonna see it. trust me, you're gonna need it. when i say her singing will make you cry, i'm not kidding lor. come to think of it, my singing can make people cry too, but how come i get people throwing things at me as well. that's like fucking weird. aiyo, so sweet la this girl. right after she sings, you feel like giftwrapping her and take her home wan lor. i love you connie!

this is her performance for the finals.

check this one out too. here she sings a few lines without background music.


crouching tiger, hidden joey

aiya, don't bluff me la. i'm not stupid k. haha. this is carol, and this is a good photoshop touch up. almost believable. not bad. i have to hand it to her. kanasai!this is me, joey, and this is the actual picture. how dare you take my photos and claim my bravery for your own. i risked my balls for you to steal the glory. haha. i'll eat the tiger alive!! and you too!! roar!!


happy funeral too

funeral for a friend's concert in singapore last saturday. went with my cousin, and now he is an FFAF addict!! haha. these are some of the pictures i took from my lousy phone camera. sheesh. malas wanna carry camera. i think i'm getting a bit too old for rock concerts la. was a little ticked off when people start bathing me in their sweat. MCB!! push push push. wah lau...cannot breathe leh. but we soon found a comfy spot to layan. summore damn near. other than that, their performance was great. they started off with into oblivion from their new album, and went into all the rage. fooyoh. steam!! haha. you should have been there.
FFAF guitarist. he reminds me of professor snape (did i get his name right) from harry porter. haha.

poem by me

see, my poem so keng. i'm feeling all poetic and shit. not bad eh for a person who can't write for nuts. grin grin. why? saja wanna write, kenots? haha.

if only love could find us all,
then hearts would never fall,
and if only angels would crawl,
who'd knew big hearts comes small.


happy funeral

wooo hooo, i just got my tickets to funeral for a friend's concert in singapore a couple of days ago. *delighted *delighted. smiles. grinning myself silly. i am kinda excited. ok breathe joey! tentatively, i will be leaving KL with Dista and his little sister on the 7th of sept at 3pm. the concert free standing wan, so Dista and I have agreed that we will be camping outside the pavillion from the morning onwards. haha. the shit we put ourselves tru. what to do, the kiasuness. have to la. cos i know singaporeans lagi kiasu wan. they sure camping there 2 days before wan. haha.

i'm hoping they play more of their second album, not that i don't fancy their new stuff. it's not really concert material you know what i mean? haha. on another note, i'm hoping to meet up with my cousin brother and selena for dinner or something. miss them la. can't wait to see you guys.

this is gonna be one funeral i'm gonna be happy to attend. :P


paint job

after a year in our second office, we decided to springclean, rearranging our workspace. it has been long overdued. time to throw out that dirty underwear that has been sitting in the closet, or that dried up leftover food on the keyboard. since we were at that, we decided to repaint our walls as well. something that makes it a little less corporate and a little more fun. we wanted something we could work and stare at almost everyday. we were too lazy to plan the design so we decided to paint it freehand as we went along. these are the pictures of the finished art as well as the tiring process. i ripped this off julian 'cos i can't be fucked touching up the pictures we took.

this is the left wall that we did... see my robot's kookoochiau... so cute! you 'light' up my life! haha.

and this is the one on the right. this is how it all came together. i hope you like it as much as we did. now, this is an office we can all work in. i likes!


divine pain

i got inked again last night. a pair of wings to be exact. it's not quite done yet with the colouring. impulsive? maybe. but i'd like to see that it took a good 10 years in the making. you see, the very reason that got me so interested in tattoos in the first place was because i fell in love with sarah's (the little girl who grew up) tattoo in the crow : salvation back then, but i totally forgotten about the wings when i had my first tattoo. i recently caught that film again and it made me reminisce those days. the goth, the rebellion, the attitude, the energy. i decided that it is about time.

i really like this particular picture of me with one side of the wing taken by sengkai. keng la that fella. haha. below are pictures of the process that jules took while i got inked.it's not really done up yet. i had to stop and continue on another session cos the cold sweat and fever was coming. so there you go. what do you think? my mum didn't quite share the same sentiments. haha.


halos of the sun

woo, my all time favourite band Fuel is back with a new album, angels and devils. the album cover art damn cun. i personally like shit like that. it's been a while since their last album. previous singer Brett, left the band and is currently replaced with new singer, Toryn Green. Green, however, isn't the only new member in Fuel. Fuel have also enlisted ex-Godsmack drummer Tommy Stewart, who had previously filled in for a handful of live shows after former drummer Kevin Miller left.

not that i don't enjoy their current stuff, but i really loved the entire package when Brett was still with them. the image, the look, the attitude, the nose ring, the emo voice. fooyoh! maut la. as for their new stuff, it ain't like how it use to be, but it's still worth the listen, which brings me to this particular song, Halos of the Sun. the name itself damn gila gaya. haha. so poetic.

the song is damn fucking ons! i likes. the energy of the track makes you feel strong emotionally. affecting chorus and high-octane, climaxing into a heartfelt and anthemic refrain. if you put a visual to the track, it'll be a man in silhouette standing in a sunset backdrop with arms wide open and his head tilted towards the sky. get what i mean? haha. songs like that make me wanna immediately pop up and start running for miles. the adrenaline rush sorta thing. it may not be your cup of tea but have a listen man. it may just grow into you.

yes yes, i'm sure the boys in the office are gonna have their turns in telling me how it's being overplayed in the office. well, there are always headphones ya know. if it doesn't work for you, bugger, just too bad. haha. go chew on a shoe. check out the lyrics.

Fuel - Halos of the Sun

With her there comes a hunger
Believing any minute all could break
She's looking out for something unknown
That could never be replaced

In a world consumed by madness
A world where I can barely breathe

Forsaken beauty lies again
These empty arms embrace what's come undone
A life together torn apart by halos of the sun

The loss becomes the lover
The emptiness becomes my everything
I taste her in the air
Feel her everywhere
I don't know how I'll ever feel sane again

In a world consumed by madness
A world where no one hears you screams

Forsaken beauty lies again
These empty arms embrace what's come undone
A life together torn apart by halos of the sun
Yeah, yeah



recently, i'm back to the soapy Korean dramas and songs again. sigh. they are like past romances, constantly playing at the back of your head and make you cry every time you think about them. haha. this is why i hardly listen to love songs, especially emo ones.

anyways, this particular Korean song has been around ever since my college days. KISS - because I'm a girl. i fell in love with the music video and the song the first time i saw it, and i'm falling in love with it all over again. haha. trust me, you'd do the same leh. it's videos like these that paints me a pretty picture of love, and i kinda like that, even if i don't ever find one. wa lau, the music video made me cry the first time i watched it, and it fucking makes me cry again even after so long. chipet.

yes yes, i'm a sucker for ideal renditions of love and stereotypical soapy romances. haha. not likely for a guy with tattoos, but so what. like fuck i care what you think. besides, i didn't say i'm some fucking macho dude. i'm the new age sensitive dude. i love crying while watching the sun set. lol. you oso will cry wan lor. you don't believe you watch la. be prepared with the fucking tissues man. haha. by then, you'll fuck yourself and wish that you understand Korean.

oh, and did i forget to mention that i'm so in love with the chick in the flick? haha. she so fucking cun la, or at least what i think is ideally cun. i wanna marry her. haha. sarangheyo.

well, this other video i found is actually the piano piece of the song played by some girl. i put it up 'cos i kinda like her arrangement. only problem is, the bitch gotta learn how to slow down. wa lau, she playing the song on the piano like she fucking running a marathon on steroids. sheesh. take a chill pill my dear. it is after all a love song. haha.


life is for the living

some people live to be happy, while others are just happy to live. i guess i'm a little of both these days. don't get me wrong, it's not like i'm prancing around the garden all day long and glad that it's not raining. most of my days are packed with high stressed decisions both creatively and financially, at the same time playing mother hen with the flock. but i like doing stuff (maybe not all at once) and sometimes the reward is just great looking at the faces of the people who are with you everyday. just that sometimes it gets a tad bit tougher than usual.

sometimes people ask me why do i even bother with a company of my own if the stress is killing me, and sometimes it seems like there is just so many boundaries. really, how could i want it any other way. you won't understand. it's just things i take to my grave on my own i guess. it's so much more fulfilling this way. i mean, you actually think you can rid yourself of crazy work and stress? what? a less stressful environment and less work? please la, everyone still has to cope with bullshit at some point. if you don't then, er, well, good for you. to think that i'd achieve this much without going tru it? must have fell out from the sky huh, and i was just fucking lucky to be there to catch the drop.

i'm not all that, neither am i God, nor close to perfect. i don't have all the answers and i'm certainly not your hero. i just wanna do better. i'm just a man who tries to make the right choices everyday. i make some good ones, i make some bad ones. but hey, i'm trying everyday. i don't have the strength for everyone else. but i guess courage is not about how tough and strong you are. on the contrary, courage is when you are afraid and you persist.

it's such a sin not to be me if i'm me. i'm a fighter. born to fight my way tru life and that's what i shall do. my life hasn't been smooth, but heck, it's a good life, and i'm fortunate for it. i want to live that dream that i dare to dream about. the point is that i will live. it just feels so good.


let's face(book) it

wah, facebook is getting lots of attention these days. no, seriously, im like wondering why. if you don't know facebook by now, then you are probably an even bigger idiot than i am, cos im probably the last to know. everyone is like asking me, talking about it big time and inviting me to join in. people are just fucking weird period. it's not that i don't think facebook is cute and shit. i even have an account just to fuck around with. haha. you can actually adopt a pet and open an aquarium which you can't personally feed by the way. my poor little pet is starving. help feed the poor little bastard la.

it's almost like someone said, let's all jump off a cliff, and everyone agreed and joined him. in this case, it ain't exactly jumping off a cliff. ok, maybe i got too carried away with the metaphors, but you know what i mean. i mean, what's with the commotion? let's just face (pun intended) it, friendster is phasing out. sad but true. and as for me, i'm some regular dude who just love familiarity. i conform to it. yes yes, we all need change some day, but i'd rather not if given the choice. haha. i guess i'll just have a little of both. add me, add me. haha. joeykhor@gmail.com. like they say, can't beat 'em, join 'em. so fuck that. let's just facebook it.


the way I are with this track

usually i'm not a big fan of R&B or hiphop, but this track just gets to you. Timbaland feat Keri Hilson - The Way I Are. fuck, i'm really loving this! my body can't stop moving and swaying itself when i hear this. just fucking awesome! you'll just automatically start nodding to the beat. haha. damn ons la keri's voice. especially the part where she goes, "thug it out, till we get it right." i decided to download the album to check out the rest of the tracks. pretty interesting stuff.

i'm liking the one he did with falloutboy too. anyways, back to this particular track, this is one smooth song you can dedicate to some chick and tell her you ain't got no money but you'd fuck her anytime and still get away with it. yea right. haha. still, its a brilliant song! somehow it feels kinda old skool in some ways. me likey!!


again, someone i know passed away. another person i know is slowly withering away within the week. i hope they will be in a better place. i just choose to blog out these emotions i'm feeling. all i know is that it's pain and despair all around. it's not easy hearing a man telling you that he knows his time is up. i'm not gonna discuss about death. instead, i wanna celebrate and value life. please don't gimme your empathy. don't need it. i'm not the one who passed away, or with the loss. just wanna stop a while to smell the roses. bright red ones. cherish and appreciate.

no one said it was easy, it's a tough life, but it's certainly a beautiful one.



totally voo-dooo... this girl will charm the fuck out of you. yes yes, the queen of dooodolls, my dearest kaixin. and yes, i've been reminded that it's 3 'o's and not 2. sensitive subject konon. haha. we go way back. and yesterday we went out for lunch... or so it seems. sheesh. how come i keep getting conned into this again and again. first its mrs P and now the queen herself. mrs P, now that's a walking barrel gulper! i think there is a conspiracy or something. it's like, woo, let's fucking take turns with joey, he's an idiot. he won't know what the fuck hit him.

i find myself fucking drinking hoegaarden in broad daylight. not that it's a fucking problem, it's just that i don't do it. to me, it's such a sin to drink during the weekdays, and worst, in broad daylight. and here she is, this petite little girl, all sweet and smiley, charming me to drink. "drink la, drink la, it's just tea." yea right. tea my ass! haha. and for a minute there, i actually thought that it was. haha. fucking idiot! *smack. like doh!

likai joined us much later in the evening after work. birds of a feather man. haha. the moment she sat down, it's yada yada all the way. until of course her prince charming showed up. haha. control oni after that. kaixin was right though, likai is really awesome. she's really funny and entertaining. loved her company. i love it so much, i've decided to link her blog to mine.

we found ourselves sharing about things in life. so much grounds we could relate to. don't worry my dear, we all know you are a strong one. petite but strong. muahaha. stay true to yourself pretty. we wouldn't want it any other way would we? all in all, it was a great day catching up. it's times like this i wish it would last. we (well, mostly her) had a few mugs and a whole lot of laughter.

let's do it again soon ya. we'll get mrs P too. haha. crazy women. :P



to all my boys (and girl) at hue, it's about time, and i've never said it before, but yea, if i ever need to sing you my feelings, it'll be this entire song. oh, so touching, your creative director. i have my moments. haha. you might love it, you might not, but when you ever hear this song, i hope it reminds you of this journey with me, or you once had. this is the perfect song. the exact lyrics and the right tune. exactly the tone and manner i'll say it to you. excited and happy! hmmm, maybe with less shouting, but you get the point. haha. so come on, enjoy the ride with me. lift up those skirts and pettycoats, and run with me.

this is my song to you.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-Ass Shaker

I remember a year ago I was standing in the crowd
waiting for my chance to break through, my chance to live again
Now it seems I've found some friends

who finally understand what it takes
to make this dream come true, we'll be here till the end

Shake it, break it, get off your feet,
come dance with me and don't you fake it

Shake it, break it get off your feet,
get close to me and don't you fake it

Shout and scream my friends, connect with me and we'll pretend
this night will never end (wo oh) this night will never end
Just let go you'll see together we'll do anything
this night will never end (wo oh) this night will never end

Shake it, break it, get off your feet
come dance with me and don't you fake it

Shake it, break it get off your feet
get close to me and don't you fake it

Oh, wish I could thank you all for what you have done
and all of the things that you have shared with me.
Oh, wish I could take you all too where I must go
wish I could take you all I'll take you with my heart.

Dance, get on the floor,

shake, get on the floor,
break, get on the floor

Shake it, break it, get off your feet
come dance with me and don't you fake it

Shake it, break it get off your feet
get close to me and don't you fake it

I'm reaching out here to show you what we've been through
I think there's something we can share, that's completely new
or maybe I'm just insane
Shake it break it get off your feet


who chooses who

i once read somewhere that quoted, "you do not choose to be artistic. art chooses you." art is a form of conduct and lifestyle. a religion and a culture on its own. you live art; you don't just work art. you either are, or you are not. when art chooses you, art becomes a jealous mistress. i believe so. come on, don't blame me cos it's true and you can't deal with facts. i ain't making this shit up.

this pretty much answers why most local designers, animators, and whoever thinks they are in the creative industry constantly struggle with the idea of being creative but they don't wanna work more than their fair share of hours. "i want a balance life.",""oh no! more work?","i'm not getting paid enough to do that sort of work." constant complaints and excuses. yada yada. we heard it all before. oh come on, stop living in denial. how can you dread work, but want to do better artwork? no wonder you are tearing yourself apart with the mind fuck, getting all jaded and shit. do you even listen to yourself? it's never about the result, but the constant enthusiasm in living of the creative journey and the understanding of the artistic methodology.

what, you wanna be creative for a couple of years but have the rest of it balanced up on a 9-5? no wonder you go no where with you fucking career. it becomes a job the moment you let it be. so stop whining cos you were never meant to be artistic, sad but true. technical abilities do not constitute for being creative. more often than not, you are most likely to be just a technician. it's ok, not all of us are the chosen few. you never grew artistically. you just grew in experience of clicking the same buttons to do the same shit. do not be mistaken a pianist for a musician. the best part of being artistic is that you don't have to prove it to anyone. you just need to live it.

p/s : ok, don't give me your version of this to justify yourself. it ain't a debate. it's a self reflective question. it's a question that governs the direction of your life. i'm fortunate to be able to be doing what i do and to live it. it ain't easy but i'll live. go suck a cock if you don't.


lock sin's artwork

these are a few pieces in a series designed by my dear friend, locksin. she's a young passionate graphic designer. it's so beautiful that i just have to post this up. amazing intricate details and flow. distinctive form and aesthetic style/direction. somewhat very ayo kato-ish in influence. i personally love the first piece below among the 4 that she has given me. she has more of them in this series of artwork. i think she does really gorgeous artworks but she doesn't get enough reach for it. so, designers around, if you are reading this, and you know how to get her work out there, please let her know or if you think these catches your eye, then feature her work in your space or something. these are artworks worth mentioning about. drop her a line at her blog, or computer love.
that's locksin alright. yes yes, she is pretty too but really, that's besides the point. the pretty ones, are the ones below.


palate palette

last thursday everyone at hue had a celebration at palate palette. really cool place. loved the ambience. so designy. haha. me likey. anyways, yes yes, we were loud. actually come to think of it, i think it was just me. but hey, you gotta admit, it's no fun without me. :P

we drank, and we drank, and we drank... didn't drink much but i got there. yes yes, i'm a cheap ass drinker, thank God for that. haha. don't need to drink a barrel to get starry eyed. haha. and after a while it's no fun drinking with me, cos i'll get myself drunk and happy. haha. rounds and rounds of shots. woo hoo. had a really good time. a good clean one. we laughed so much that night i had cramps.

the result was a night of laughter, spontaneous stupidity, and ol' fashion share and care. these were some of the pictures our dearest boy, sengkai, took that night.

i love this shot of zellie. by far my favourite shot of her. sweet serene and just happy being who she is.
usually sengkai doesn't smile much. you only get this after a few beers and a flaming. haha. he wasn't even tipsy, but it sure hell loosen him up.
partners in crime. both tipsy edi. check out the slit eyes that we both can't seem to open. all we can do is smile.
jules really just cracks me up with his cool macho posing. i have to admit though, he can surely pull it off and still look good.
told ya he can really pose! haha. that's dista joining in. omg, not you too! jules can blame it on the alcohol, you can't my dear dista.
fuck, i just had to la. alcohol talking, ya know.
fizah and mun kiat in this one. it's easy to tell that one's half way there and the other's pretty sober. look who's grinning.
aww, we'll always wanna remember dee this way.
if all else fails, stupidity prevails. need i say more. oh boy, do i really need a prayer for this one.
ah, this is where i belong. i'm fortunate and happy to be a huey.