footie loops

was bored out of my mind. couldn't just stay in on such a beautiful day. i don't think i'll be heading up to universal studios. i reckon i'll be spending about 450USD just to go there, so fuck that. however, i decided to do a little window shopping in Beverly Center. haha. so much for window shopping. i couldn't resist myself. and there it was, foot locker! the price difference for sneakers ain't that much, but they had sales and im sure they don't have these models back home. its 39.90USD for the old ones, and its 49.90USD for the new season models. look what i bought. i've sinned but it felt good.

and ooh, check out the little cap i got as well. that's 19.90USD. i know, its quite expensive for a little cap, but hey it looks good, so fuck that.

that's me trying on the cap. ooh lala. fuck yea, that feels good. ok ok. gotta remind myself that i've shopped enough. besides, i don't know how im gonna carry all those sneakers home, cos i brought 3 pairs here as well. that's a lot of shoes to fit in one bag!

you know, i keep getting ppl calling me chinito. like what the fuck? i finally got myself into a situation with that shit while i was in this restaurant and the waiter came over. "hey chinito, ready to order?" so i replied with a smirk, " yes papi." then he gave me the tension look. "did you just call me papi?". im like ,"yea, why? something wrong?" he smiled cynically. i was dumbfounded. then he said, "you cool for a chinito man, you from around here?". "no, i'm from Malaysia." "Ma-what?" i quickly answered, "Singapore.". he was like,"oh cool." sheesh. typical. we are bigger than Singapore but nobody knows us. stupid papi! but i didn't say that of course. he looked like he could put me to sleep with one blow.


Santa Monica | the first day

i just got back to the motel after spending my first hectic day walking around Santa Monica. the flight was madness! almost drove me to insanity with the long 19 hours of sitting and doing nothing. i almost took the plane hostage. plus the stewardess were not much of a view. i think my mum could make it as a stewardess with what i saw on the plane. geesh. weather is great during the day, but the nights are really cold. i'll always head back towards the motel when it starts getting dark.

there are a few things i never quite get in this country. for one, the currency. the coins are just so foncusing (fucking confusing). i need to think a while everytime i count the coins to pay. i think that's a dead giveaway that i'm not local. lol. you think?! to ease this unconvenience, i reckon 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents can make up for any number easily without thinking everytime you pay. they've got weird ass names on the coin like a dime and a quarter. just fucking call it what it is la. 10 cents is 10 cents and 25 cents is 25 cents. what's with a quarter (25 cents) anyway? and they say they make life better and easier for everyone. like duh.

took some pictures the moment i arrived.

this is what my room looks like. i'll be spending the next few days in this place. the motel looks exactly like the one in my name is Earl. haha. they've got a so called pool which looks like its infested with, er, i dunno, i can't see the bottom. haha. some scary shit going on in there man. fuck yea. it's no Shangri-La but hell, i reckon beggars can't be choosers. at least they have free wifi, and thats a good thing for me.
this is what it looks like right across the street. apparently its the Los Angeles Temple. but i really don't know it's the temple of what. got me scratching for hours, and i still can't get it figured. fuck that.

the prices of petrol around here. thank God i live in Malaysia. summore here the distance between each point is so far from another. madness. couldn't be bothered to rent a car. plus its LHD (left hand drive) here. everytime i get on a cab, it feels odd, and i keep thinking he is driving on the wrong side of the road. can't coordinate myself with the LHD shit. LSD i know la.

i thought this picture was a classic. and they call the blacks jobless. er, i don't think so. the moment i snapped this, he turned to look, because i was relatively near to take that shot. and then he shouted at me," what are you looking at?". i replied," me no speak English!", and i ran off like a headless chicken. remind me not to be an idiot again. will update somemore soon. till then.


flying off

will be leaving to LA on friday morning. i think its about 16C in the day and 11C at night in LA. i hate flying long hours, and i hate the cold. 19 hours of flight. siao. i can read a fucking library on that flight. i'll go crazy on the plane man. no wonder there are so much flight terrorism these days. i would too with that amount of hours doing nothing.

damn kan cheong. haven't settled quite a bit of stuff yet. logistics and itinerary are still in much of a mess. why always last minute? i guess its just part of being Malaysian to procrastinate. i bought this huge luggage bag cos i was afraid my current one isn't big enough. haha. with this new one, i can actually fit into it quite comfortably. haha. no joke. check out the relativity of size against the powerpoint. it feels like a fucking refridgerator.

hopefully we can secure some potential business when i get back. wish me luck, i'll need all the luck i can get my hands on. i just pray no one springs a gun on this poor chinese boy. i've decided to act spastic if someone ever does. "hey you, esei! come ere puto!". "wh-wh-who, m-m-me?". "m-m-me no sp-sp-speak ing-ing-land." and as he walks towards me, i'll try walking spastically faster away and pray in my heart he doesnt do anything stupid. it ain't funny k. i've seen enough TV to know. ta ta ppl.


morning coffee pt II

great, dee finally decided to get my Nescafe 3 in 1 coffee edi. I finally have coffee in my life back again. i don't have to drink preserved powdered piss anymore! but you know whats even better, this time round i can't fucking drink anything in the fucking office! she forgot to fucking order the water barrel refills.

i finally have coffee, i have no fucking water. thats just fucking great! i think if i salivate enough, i can make enough saliva to fill a cup and fill it with Nescafe. either that or piss would be better because then, i don't have to heat it up, it's already warm. haha. but then again, my coffee, again, will taste like piss. sigh. im in such a predicament. this is torture.

playing the piano

meet Rachel. she's young and she can play the fucking piano like there's no tomorrow. she makes Richard Clayderman wears panties. dang, she makes me wear panties too. i stumbled upon this while i was free surfing.

reminded me of the time when i was learning the piano as a kid. i remembered how my piano teacher knocked my fingers with a huge ass steel ruler when i hit a wrong note or slowed down, and i'd cried my balls off terrified of playing. bully me ah bitch! i wanna see you do that now bitch! if Rachel can smile and play like that, i doubt she kena the steel ruler yet.

chipet. shy oni this Rachel make me feel. i was busy playing 'doctor doctor' with my neighbour girlfriend when i was her age. haha. and it always has to be a chinese kid prodigy. why ah? haha. she is doing an inpromptu k. enjoy. as for me, i really wanna wipe that smile off her face. make me jealous oni. eesh. got so keng or not. must be visual effects la.

Impromptu in C sharp minor Op.28 No.3


morning coffee

you know the Nescafe 3 in 1 coffee sachets? thats my favourite. must have that to start my morning. we recently ran out of the red Nescafe ones in the office. i had no choice but to drink dee dee's other stupid choice, 'Aik Cheong'. blegh, taste like caffeinated piss! you bought ready to drink coffee or dried up piss?

i mean, honestly, what were they thinking when they name the brand? let's name it after the boss because all of us wanna suck up to him, and we are gonna mass market Aik Cheong to countries like Germany, Turkey and Finland. with a name like that it's gonna be a sell out there! i may be wrong for all i know, but it still taste like piss to me.

damn smart that woman. dowan to replenish the coffee in our coffee bin. wa lau, you try drinking it la dee. i dont see you drinking it, chipets. told her edi, dun buy brands that starts off with a local dude's name like Aik Cheong or Ali Cafe. i really dun give 2 fucks lor if its ah meng or ah seng, ali or ahmad.

well, it could have been worse. thank God she didnt pick out brands like Raju Cafe or whatever (no offense, my indian friends). if not, i'll be having 4 in 1. the coffee, the creamer, the sugar, the curry powder! cant we just be normal like everyone else and stick to steroetypical brands that work? no Aik Cheong's Cafe, Ali's Cafe or Raju's Cafe, just Nes's Cafe. pls la! i'm dying here wei!

this is what everyone drinks.

this is what i have to drink.


hearty party baby

met up with some close friends at velvet underground recently. they happen to bring along other friends of mine which i haven't seen in ages. i was just thrilled to see kaixin, the little miss muffet, again. this strawberry shortcake is just fun to be around with. sad angela couldn't make it, but i caught up with her too recently right after that nite. this one oso another crazy woman. haha. we decided to catch up during working hours, so i thought we were gonna catch lunch. suddenly, she started ordering a mug and another and another and another. feels like a fucking battery; lagi, dan lagi, dan lagi. it's such a sin to drink on a work day, what more during the daytime. sheesh. siao. and she was like fuck it, just drink. i'm like ok. haha.

anyways, lets go back to the nite in velvet. it was a blast im telling you! i feel like the little penguin in happy feet that nite. haha. i dun know where all that energy came from. maybe it was just great vibes. maybe it was everyone who was there. i was literally prancing around like a fucking antelope. it was a good nite out. we should do it again ya. lol. we cam whored the early part of the nite before my legs have life on its own. these are a few.
this was the reason why there was a party in the first place. they recently found each other after more than a decade. i think they've came a long way since masak-masak, but they both are still cooking something hot if you ask me. haha.then, this is me tumpanging glamour with 3 beautiful women. notice the distance between me and them. haha. that's because i'm tumpanging la.now, this is kaixin, the feisty strawberry shortcake. to take this short, i mean shot, she was actually standing on a platform, and still i have to bend my knees. haha. after so long, felt like she didnt do much growing,
but it was obvious she has grown well and happier now.
now, as for me, it is also obvious that i am happier too. you would be too if you'd knew them.

and this is just the greatest of all reasons.

june, if you are reading this, i just wanna congratulate you again, and it was certainly nice to see you again. i hope you had a great time that nite just like i did. miss muffet and angela, lets catch up again k. hugs. like angela said, happyhours soon. sorry this post took a while, thats because i was waiting for the pictures from everyone else. haha. sheesh, what a great blogger i am. blogger without a fucking camera. its like going out without wearing your underwear. haha. gotta get myself one of those babies. next time round, my hands will have life on its own too.


my NEW blog

welcome welcome!! ah, this feels a whole lot better! welcome to my new blogspot! the all new artsie fucksie. friendster blog suck big time lor. cannot fucking take it anymore. i cant load anymore pictures because it keeps telling me my account full edi. nemind, fuck it.

see, i so rajin, i even import my last few posts from the other side so you can follow tru. designed my banner as well because now can put. nice or not my colour scheme? im so proud of myself lor. i likes. im gonna even import the comments as well later. haha.

since friendster so nice to me, i've decided to write a song just for them.

i use to love blogging on friendster,
cos the mother fucker,
told me how keng like terminator,
padahal buaya me like alligator.
keng leh. can design, can write song. pundeks friendster. anyways, this is the picture of the tattoo design we did that i was trying to upload to friendster all that fucking time. what do you think?

random ramblings

it's 4.30am. can't be bothered sleeping so im in the office catching up with my blog reading, while having my brain farting with work. since we are on this particular topic, i wanna highlight some really cool blogs and posts that i've recently came across.

hushie's blog
this blog site never fail to make me smile on the worst of days. maybe i know her in person, so i can actually picture her 'speaking' in her posts. whatever it is, i personally recommend you read her previous post when boredom strikes. now thats a fucking classic. haha. i laffed so hard my nuts almost fell out, and you gotta picture her blunt facial expression.

elle's blog
i read this blog like i fucking brush my teeth every morning. er, come to think of it, i don't brush my teeth on some ocassions. haha. kidding. but, but, EVERYBODY reads elleashley.com. haha. true dat. she loves to blog about food and i love food, but the funny thing is that the both of us oso thin as hell. she blogs about other interesting events as well in her life.

julian's blog
if you are interested in our creative world and everything to do with it, this is a site you gotta check out. btw, he is our art director in hue.visualab. his blog mainly documents his experiments with photography, retouching, and his dosage of creative work. there was post i thought was cool, titled shoots from a shot. haha. we recently shot a corporate video and he documented it with a few pics. yes yes, thats me in the fucking wheel chair.

feistyfizah's blog
my dearest doll who works with me in the office. she posts mainly about anything creative, like duh, thats what we eat shit sleep after all, and ocassionally about events in our office. she's hot and feisty but she's taken, haha, and she's really great at what she does. you'll be seeing some of her work in our hue website.

on another random issue, dista and I recently worked on a tattoo artpiece for some chick. took a while to plan it, because it was actually a cover up for some fugly dragon tattoo on her back. plus she wanted an angel with widespread wings. we decided to do better and give her 4 widespread wings. when we finished, i just thought that it was totally awesome. tell you what, i'll certainly post up on our design process on that artpiece soon if you are interested in knowing more about it. right after vicky, my tattoo artist, finishes the piece on her back in 3 separate sessions. dista drew and painted this on and only photoshop.

anyways, there was a recent mention about hue in netdiver.net. it's encouraging to know. i'll be leaving for L.A next week on business. see ya guys. i'd love the idea of taking pictures of my stay there, but i have 1 minor problem though. im travelling alone. if i'm gonna snap, nobody's gonna be in the picture, and if im gonna be in the picture, nobody's gonna snap. haha. what a fucking dilemma. you think i'll look stupid with a tripod in L.A shooting pics of myself? we'll see la. i reckon i don't have the time either. :P

fly by

A close friend recently shared this with me, i think its just beautiful, that i feel the need to share with everyone else.

A little bird flies in the sky.
You look up and it shits into your eyes.
You don't mind and you don't cry.
You just thank God that cows don't fly.

now thats positive thinking for you. LOL. i love this shit.

it's a boy!

whoa, i just got back from singapore. went to see my cousin's new born baby, Zachary. the journey to singapore was fucking tiring but it was all worth it to see the happy baby. it was his 3rd day in the great big world. oh my gosh was he beautiful. the mother, my cousin was just bursting with joy, as everyone else in the family. too bad the boys in the family couldn't make it; my brother and her brother.

cant help but to wonder what his life is gonna be as it unfolds. just feel the need to impart a little of me into him. im gonna start planning his tattoos for him. haha. nah, kidding. what i'm gonna really do is to teach him to be true to himself, to be sincere with himself and everyone around him.

i'll leave everything else to his parents. after all, i just think his parents are the greatest candidates for parenting. he is so blessed to be a part of them lor. just imagine his mum and his grandma, my auntie, has got enough clothes to toys to last him a couple of years. i don't even have that much clothes man. siao. i told his grandma, you might as well get him his school uniform and a school bag man. why la so kan cheong. lol.

i just pray he doesn't give his mum as much headaches along the way as i did to mine. haha. he has his parents to love and guide him the decent walk of life, and as for the tough bit, he's got his other uncles, my other cousin brother, my brother and I. haha. quote unquote all programming books, HELLO WORLD. haha.

my dear Zachary, i pray you'll have a wonderful experience growing up, take it well, the good as well as the bad, the tears and the joy. the world is gonna be cold, and if anything at all, your uncle is here for you anytime baby. welcome to the great big world my dear. sleep for now and dream a wonderful dream, knowing that we all love you.

anyone out there?

i've been thinking lately. yes, yes, once in a while i actually do that.:P thinking about the possibilities of being in love, as well as the impossibilities. i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm not desperate. im good and complete right now. i know my worth, and i certainly know what im not. but lately, i can't help but realize that i seem to be blooming a little later than everyone else. it's not that it bothers me, but i'm still here, watching everyone around me as they put on wedding bands, to putting on diapers for their new born.

just last weekend, i was with some ol mates from school for dinner and a cup of coffee. being amongst them made me envious. i know, and they keep telling me the grass is greener, but hey, at least you chose to cross over when given the chance, whilst im just dying for that chance to even hop by. i just miss missing someone. miss the heartaches. someone that's worth all that ache.

been dying for an opportunity to make it work with someone, and not like the fucked up so-called relationships i've been having for the last decade or so. im really starting to wonder if i'll ever. i have never argued in a relationship for the past few years. half the time i don't even bother explaining myself. it has been a while since i actually got into an arguement worth arguing with someone about. i am not feeling solitary, and yet, i feel this need to share. im sure some of you out there share my predicament.

maybe i'm finally growing up, cos it certainly ain't about the sex anymore. boy, have i had enough. not that i'm complaining about having more than my fair share of sexual experiences but what i'm saying is that it just ain't enough anymore. frankly, im just dying for good honest conversation, emotional support, and a good nite's hug. yes yes, joey has been officially sissified. lol. don't blame me man, you will too.

recently watched the holiday on DVD. light and sweet. if only life has a beautiful warm ending like the movies eh. i wish. oh well, like pear said, just let it be, and it will come. i guess. :P keeping my fingers crossed. i'll just listen to pear. and so i'll wait...