collin raye - love, me

OMG this song's story is damn power. i get the chills and almost in tears everytime i hear the song. maybe i am more girl than guy anyways. lol. and the note i'm dedicating to you. *wink.



hannah's taking me to some acupuncture thing for my very own personal taknak! campaign. LOL. let's see how effective it goes. :D


quote of the day

It's our Godforsaken right to be loved! jason mraz

2009 here I come

merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you!

leaving everything behind in 2008, moving on and starting clean with 2009. it's gonna be a great year!


KL design week press conference

we were at Le Meridien last friday for the KLDW(KL Design Week) press conference. its gonna be interesting! we were honoured to be given the opportunity to be speaking and sharing among some global peers. Come and immerse yourself in the experience of all things design related at KLDW09 and be enriched, challenged and inspired by creativity. haha. come support the movement. it'll be fun.~ acclaimed international designers such as Chris Bosse, Stefan Sagmeister, Aya Kato, David Carson, Kuntzel+Deygas, Troika, IDN, Shun Kawakami, Tokyo Plastic, Studio4˚c, Jl design and Umeric amongst others will be there. cools!!

woo~ we even had a little bit of time to cam whore. michelle and kai took these pictures. haha. yesh yesh, not shy as usual. LOL.
MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!!! in case i dont post anything by then. LOL. yay yay!!


心動 | tempting hearts

i really don't wanna hear what you have to say anymore, but i have a few things to say to you for closure. if not we'll be in this limbo for a while. i'm sure you'll be reading this, and this is a good way to say what i need to say without hesitation. a chance for you to understand and reason, maybe?~ i'm sure this is a bit embarrassing as well for me, as the whole damn world will be reading this and giving me their 2 cents. oh well.

i'm really not frustrated anymore, i'm just a little exhausted. like i keep asking you, what do you really want from me?

it's been a while since i saw you, and believe me, i miss you so much it really hurts. your smell lingers in the room. i miss the occasional moments when you pull me closer. the intimacy we shared which i know is genuine at times. that little twitch and pout when you frown, the snoring(as much as it's annoying), and the list goes on. in all honestly, i'm attracted to the way you are. simple, sweet, and very much sincere in many ways. unlike some women i've dated before, you are not spiteful. and there are times when i thought we could have been so much more.

but haven't you gotten it until now, we've passed that. these compliments a relationship but it doesn't build it. we both aren't as young anymore to afford an impulsive-casual-feel good-relationship.

you will never change, even for us. well, not now at least. and i reckon i dun wanna wait and hope that you do. you kept on reminding me that you are like that. well, i'm telling you now that i'm not like that? then how? you expect me to just settle for that? i didn't let us go. you did. i just made it official and save us both the headaches. in fact, i held on to it as much as i could in hope that maybe you just need a little encouragement and faith from someone you truly would like to be with. how many times have i told you that i can't do this alone. it's so obvious that you seek 'social attention'. understandable. most people would love that too, but you go to extreme measures to keep your 'market' open.

let's not complicate it further with emotions. let me break it down for you. it's really that simple leh. something's gotta give, right or not. either this or that. and i have given you and myself the time to evaluate the choice. your actions justified it. and all i can tell myself is that i have tried, given the time and space to the best i could. i have never given you ultimatums or to make you choose unreasonably between your social friends and I, but how can I, anyone or even you for that matter, be with someone who parties 3-4 times a week, gets drunk or high most of the nights, expects only to be seen when you deem fit. we hardly even share or do anything together. we only do what you wanna do.

it's much easier if you'd just admit that you are playful, irresponsible, self-centred, selfish. you'd think that people is hurting and doing things to you, but you'll never open yourself to see how you affect the people that truly cares for you.

don't you see it, it's not like i'm doing anything to you. i have to walk away. it's not my choice. i would really want to make it work, but not like this. it'll be redundant and foolish. so you see, the answers are all on your end. so stop coming to me for them.

you kept reminding me not to expect anything from you and we should not prioritize our relationship. i'm finally doing just that lor. the good part is that i don't need you to change edi. :) i'm cool with it k. don't worry, it's just feelings. it'll pass. you and I will find someone else. i am just sharing with you so at least you know why it has come to this. whatever you do here on is your own to decide.

and just to answer your question with fate and the song you sent me, i agree that fate brings 2 people together. it's called chance. however, to stay and making it work or even to walk away is our choice. and what?~ you are hoping fate makes it beautiful for you? no, that was me.



hmm, i reckon since i'm gonna try getting back at this, and my 'all new' ain't that new no more leh. it's about time i get a facelift. or this is good? amacam you think? *scratch head. i really like this, but takkan lidat all the time meh? change is inevitable ma right or not. *wink.

inevitable change

OMG, 2 posts in the same day, i must be more enthusiastic about this than i thought. haha.

i heard once from a great friend, change comes to us all and change is inevitable. but OMG, you know what, some people just won't change!!! haha. good for you sweetie. just when i thought i might have made a mistake, you go and prove me(everyone else too) right! LOL. you just made it so much easier for me. haha. whatever. i'm so done. okbai.

woo hoo

yay! after sooooo fucking loooonggg! moshi moshi, i'm back from meditation high up on the Everest. haha. scoot scoot~ . much has been happening and i'm too lazy to talk about old news. haha. overall, i have been great and well, learned much within the short period too. did H-Factor tour with some really talented good people that i now call friends,
been in and out of love, again, (what's new right.haha.), worked on some interesting but exhausting projects, and some not so great ones... and now i'm back into domestication and catching up with novels. haha. there's a time and place for everything i reckon. there's a time to stay and wait, and there's a time to move on and up. *smiles.

in a nutshell, i'm just a happy baby! *smiles. gonna leave you with a current favie of mine. haha. sweet, lovely and happy. i love this song so much right now.... maybe because i'm loving something else. haha. probably get sick of it soon 'cos as usual, i'm putting it on repeat like crazy. haha. yesh yesh, i'm driving most ppl up the wall with it again. LOL.

jay sean - maybe