woooo, it's been a while since i posted something again. haha. too much going on all the time. damn money isn't easy earned. anyways, i recently just watched this and in all it's simplicity, it was brilliantly executed. heart warming and sweet in intonation. :) enjoy....


not for now

it's one of those days when i can't seem to bring myself to smile. recently i'm just a little more edgier. i guess i just got lost being someone else. i left myself behind, somewhere along the way. kinda hoping that i'll get back to myself some day. there will come a time when i will see quieter days. these will come to pass. at least not for now.

i don't know how people do relationships, love and all that bollocks. yea yea, even ol' joey needs a little loving. but it's just too much complication. from where i stand, i'm good. i'm complete. always have been. not willing to put my heart in fragile hands. not even mine. at least not for now.

here's a thought though. why don't the world revolve around me? at least not for now.

i'll have to deal with now.


here i 'war na cum'

i'm in chennai, india. the centre of tamil movies. beautiful place, dusty though. food's great, but i dunno, my tummy is working up ever since i got here. damn it. what to do, i'm a damn chinese. can't ever get use to the food and water i reckon. it's been raining shit, literally. exhausted. so not funny. do you know what its like shitting like you are peeing. and no, micky, roti canai isn't discovered in chennai. haha. silly me. i actually believed you. there is everything else except, canai!!! haha.

feels weird getting stared at all the time here. it's so bad, people stop at their tracks to stare at me. and you know it ain't well receive when they've got that OMFG look on their faces. i guess it's like having an indian in china. for obvious reasons. and i think i confuse them even more with the colours on my body. haha.

traffic here is insane!! LOL... i don't think anyone here ever learned to drive. nobody gives a shit. haha. and the honking. i think can pretty much measure up with jakarta. can't even sleep in peace. the honking just goes on and on... the funny thing is, why even bother honking when nobody gives a shit. i honk, you honk, i dont give a shit, you dont give a shit. what a beautiful world. haha. i doubt i'll be able to drive here. too chicken shit to even cross the road.

been on a tight schedule ever since i landed, but it's great to meet the people i've met. tamil directors and actors. :) i'm not familiar with their work though, but neither are they with mine. haha.

ya ya, it's been a while since i wrote something. what to do. ain't much of a writer in me. ain't much of a blogger too to begin with. hate writing, in our modern case, typing. haha.

i wanna go home. i miss it. i'm war na cumming baby!! hahaha...