happy funeral

wooo hooo, i just got my tickets to funeral for a friend's concert in singapore a couple of days ago. *delighted *delighted. smiles. grinning myself silly. i am kinda excited. ok breathe joey! tentatively, i will be leaving KL with Dista and his little sister on the 7th of sept at 3pm. the concert free standing wan, so Dista and I have agreed that we will be camping outside the pavillion from the morning onwards. haha. the shit we put ourselves tru. what to do, the kiasuness. have to la. cos i know singaporeans lagi kiasu wan. they sure camping there 2 days before wan. haha.

i'm hoping they play more of their second album, not that i don't fancy their new stuff. it's not really concert material you know what i mean? haha. on another note, i'm hoping to meet up with my cousin brother and selena for dinner or something. miss them la. can't wait to see you guys.

this is gonna be one funeral i'm gonna be happy to attend. :P

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