i stole this off a friend's blog. haha. sorry ya hushie. :P

"Forgiveness does not change the Past,
but it does enlarge the Future"

- Paul Boese

in all honestly, i'm still trying to forgive. i still can't bring myself to. it's something i really have to learn la for my own sake. what happens if i really enjoy hating her? and to know she has no remorse just makes it feels so right and good. like it gives me a visa on my passport.

never could get the hang of it.


MisSy said...

Given your busy schedule, i doubt u can remember what u suppose to forgive after awhile =p

Joanne said...

LOL! She's right lah... actually, i get pissed off by different ppl everyday that i forgot who pissed me off earlier, so consider them forgiven lah! HAHAHAHA...

joey.khor said...

haha, lidat oso can... i'll try that.